Buying a Home in Baltimore County: Programs for First-Time Homebuyers

Are you a first-time homebuyer in Baltimore County? If so, you may be eligible for special programs and assistance to help you purchase your first home. The Ambrose Housing Aid Center provides free education for homebuyers, counseling, financial advice, foreclosure advice, and legal assistance. Additionally, the Maryland Mortgage Program (MMP) offers 30-year fixed-rate mortgage loans to eligible homebuyers. The MMP 1st Time Advantage program is specifically designed for first-time buyers and offers the lowest interest rate available for MMP loans.

However, this program cannot be combined with the mortgage credit certificate program. Other eligibility requirements and criteria may apply, so visit the website for more information. If you're a homeowner in Baltimore County and are having difficulties with mortgage payments or other housing costs, you may be eligible for the Maryland Homeowner Assistance Fund. The Ambrose Housing Aid Center provides free homebuyer education (workshops), homebuyer counseling, financial education counseling, foreclosure counseling, and legal assistance to low-income and older Baltimore County residents. Your employer, home builders, or property developers may also offer alternative financial assistance programs for new buyers. For example, Montgomery County residents should visit the Montgomery County Housing Opportunity Commission to take a closer look at the Montgomery County Closing Cost Assistance Program.

Additionally, Baltimore County's Lead Safe grant program is designed to reduce lead hazards in homes in specific community conservation areas. LifeBridge employees who purchase homes in Baltimore County communities near LifeBridge health centers are eligible for this program. Prince George's County residents may be interested in the Prince George's County Shopping Assistance Program (PGCPAP). The Live Near Your Work program is a partnership between LifeBridge Health and Baltimore County designed to encourage homeownership and maintain strong neighborhoods in Baltimore County communities near Northwest and Sinai hospitals. Developers are strongly encouraged to seek all available funding sources and not to view Baltimore County as a primary or sole source of project funding.