The Complex History of Baltimore City and County Separation

The city of Baltimore and its surrounding county have a long and complex history. Located in the state of Maryland, the area has been home to many different cultures and civilizations over the centuries. From the Susquehannocks who hunted in the area to the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League, the city and county have seen many changes. But why did Baltimore City and Baltimore County separate in the first place?The area south of North Avenue to the port was Baltimore City and the area north of North Avenue (then known as Boundary Avenue) was Baltimore County.

This separation was likely due to a desire to create governance separate from the urban commercial center of the area. The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, built in 1830, further consolidated Baltimore's status as a major transportation hub, allowing producers in the Midwest and Appalachia to access the city's port. The city was extended to its current borders in 1918, after a decade-long struggle in which at least four different annexation proposals were rejected before a state referendum gave the city control of 35 square miles of Baltimore and Anne Arundel Counties. Southwest Baltimore is bordered by the Baltimore County Line to the west, West Baltimore Street to the north, and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard to the south. The NFL returned to Baltimore when the former Cleveland Browns moved to become the Baltimore Ravens in 1996. The first major league to have a team in Baltimore was the All-America Football Conference (AAFC), which had a team called the Baltimore Colts.

Additionally, FC Baltimore 1729 was a semi-professional soccer club in the NPSL league, with the goal of bringing a community-oriented competitive soccer experience to the city. Baltimore acquired its nickname of The Monumental City after a visit to Baltimore in 1827 by President John Quincy Adams. Question 5 by Bolton, from Baltimore County, sought to amend the state constitution so that any future land annexation by the city of Baltimore would require a special vote of approval from residents living within the proposed annexation area. The area of Baltimore County to the north was used as a hunting ground by the Susquehannocks who lived in the lower Susquehanna River Valley. Additionally, Baltimore is home to Martin State Airport, a general aviation facility, located in northeast Baltimore County. The city is also home to many professional sports teams such as Major League Baseball's Baltimore Orioles and National Football League's Baltimore Ravens.

Furthermore, it is home to Pride of Baltimore Chorus, a three-time international silver medalist female choir affiliated with Sweet Adelines International. Baltimore also hosted a Canadian Football League franchise, called the Baltimore Stallions, during 1994 and 1995 seasons. Furthermore, a local dialect known as 'the Baltimore dialect' is spoken by many people living in this region. Finally, Milton Dashiell, a lawyer from Baltimore, called for an ordinance that would prohibit African Americans from moving to Eutaw Place neighborhood in northwest Baltimore. In conclusion, it is clear that there are many reasons why Baltimore City separated from Baltimore County. From its status as an important transportation hub to its professional sports teams and unique local dialects, it is easy to see why this separation occurred.

Although it has been over 100 years since this separation took place, it still affects life in this region today.